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GARDA DOC EXPERIENCE, the wine tourism portal from the Consorzio Garda DOC, was created based on the holistic view of an appellation that represents a region that’s unlike any other in the world.
It’s a project created to promote one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, its winemaking excellence and unmistakeable lifestyle.

A portal with the distinctive benefit of capturing the different features of the region, just like a glass of Garda DOC wine, enabling the millions of tourists who flock to the shores of Lake Garda each year to fully discover and enjoy all the high-quality experiences offered by the unique nature of the Garda System.

A modern and contemporary tool to explore the diverse facets of the appellation, where you can learn more about the people, stories, brands and places that make Lake Garda one of a kind.

A virtual forum that brings together the winemaking of Verona, Brescia and Mantua all in one place and promotes both the activities found in the vicinity of the lake, with sections dedicated to the experiences available in the region as well as to customers of the Consortium’s brands, including hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs and wine bars and shops.

From whatever point you look at Lake Garda, it mirrors a millenary history of culture, wise transformation and enhancement of fine-quality raw materials. This lake, the largest in Italy, is the heart of designations of excellence that unfold among castles, around small, picturesque ports and little villages, where time seems to have stood still. Garda Doc has its roots in these hills embroidered with vineyards, in a hinterland that reveals unique atmospheres. The predominantly hilly production area surrounds the lake, extending from Valtènesi to Valpolicella, from the banks of the Mincio River to Verona. The Garda Doc area was officially recognised in 1996, with the aim of underlining the value of the varietal wines of the 10 historical designations of the Garda area between the Lombardy and Veneto regions. The surface area planted with vines totals 31,000 hectares, mostly in the province of Verona (27,889 hectares), with the remaining 3,211 divided between the provinces of Mantua and Brescia.

Italy’s largest lake, Garda, enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is caressed by myriad winds. Its vineyards are bathed in light bouncing off the water’s surface. Gently sunkissed bunches of grapes ripen in favourable conditions where balmy temperatures allow olive trees, lemons, and capers to thrive.

Writers and poets through the ages have sung Garda’s praises, with its picturesque villages, castles, winding lanes, and serene atmosphere. Catullus, Goethe, Kafka, Rilke, D’Annunzio… and even Churchill himself was immortalised as he painted a lake scene. This backdrop of history, beauty and culture, in a geographical position that is ideal for winegrowing, is the birthplace of GardaDOC.

Winemaking dates back to at least the 1st Century BC here, but GardaDOC is a young umbrella appellation, created to promote wines from three cities: Verona, with six DOCs; Brescia, with three, and Mantua, with one. Three different cities in close proximity, each of them stunningly beautiful and on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Overlooking them all is Lake Garda, with its charm exuding a sense of happiness, relaxation and serendipity. This is the location for the ten historic appellations that have found a new home in GardaDOC. Wine and food go hand-in-hand here, set against a landscape that succeeds in being beloved by foreigners whilst retaining its typically Italian lifestyle intact.

Garda DOC Chardonnay on Decanter

Garda DOC Chardonnay is ideal as an aperitif, conjuring memories of flame-red sunsets over the lake, or to drink throughout a meal. Excellent with main courses of fish, chicken or pork. Great with goat’s cheese, and worth trying with sushi.

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Garda DOC im Mittelpunkt einer exklusiven Verkostung für die Association Suisse des Sommeliers Professionnels ein Zürich



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Live the wine experiences of the Garda DOC Consortium with Mamblip and the wine expert Filippo Bartolotta!
Discover Garda DOC & Lake Garda: a huge crystalline diamond nestled between the Alps, rolling hills, and tons of absolutely gorgeous small Italian towns oozing with charm.

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Garda DOC is on the Report Italy 2023 by The Drinks Business

Garda DOC is on the Report Italy 2023 by The Drinks Business with ““Drinking Lake Garda. Garda DOC is giving the region’s producers the chance to showcase exciting new Wines alongside their Soave, Valpolicella and Bardolino”.

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Pinot Grigio: fresh, fruity and lifestyle Garda

Live the wine experiences of the GardaDoc Consortium

“Virtual Masterclass
GARDADOC PINOT GRIGIO: Fresh. Fruity. Experience the GardaDOC Lifestyle.
July 12th, 2021 3pm – 4pm (London)

Join us for a virtual masterclass as we dive into the wine region around Lake Garda and discover the area through the prism of seven local GardaDOC Pinot Grigios. We will be joined by Garda expert Costantino Gabardi and Italian expert Peter McCombie MW.”


Discover the wine experiences of the Garda Doc Consortium

Walk Around Tasting and Professional Masterclass
October 21th, 2021 (London)

Discover Garda DOC varietal wines at the London appointment of SIMPLY ITALIAN GREAT WINE, an event by @IEMwineEvents!

Live the Garda DOC wine experience with the Walk Around Tasting in the beautiful location of Church House Westminster and with the professional masterclass “DISCOVER GARDA DOC: THE VARIETAL WINES OF LAKE GARDA”, curated by wine expert Walter Speller!



Discover the different interpretations of the producers of GardaDoc Pinot Grigio. A glass that is the expression of a territory rich in passion for viticulture that from generation to generation transmits the art of making wine on Lake Garda.
Discover the sparkling wine houses that produce Garda bubbles. A glass symbol of the Bel Vivere that every year brings Lake Garda to be one of the most requested tourist destinations by millions of tourists from all over the world.

Pinot Grigio

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Garda Talk

Find out more about the labels of GardaDoc the ones speaking are  representatives of the best brands in the Garda area.

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